We’re standing on a knife edge in UK politics.

Nigel Farage has just announced he’s not fielding candidates against the Conservatives in the seats they won in 2017.  If they win, the goal will be to play out the transition period and walk away with no deal at the end of it. No deal will make them and their backers a massive chunk of cash but will leave the rest of the country worse off.

I’ve previously advocated for the least worst option.  Our first past the post system makes this essential. And a week ago I joined the Labour Party because it was money where your mouth is time.

Now more than ever, we need all of the opposition parties to come together and cut out any infighting, it can’t be left to voters to vote tactically, the parties themselves need to come together and provide the answer.or we’ll end up with a Johnson/Farage stitch up.

1 - In any seat that your party was well into 3rd place, your party needs to pull it’s candidate. Where second is close there will need to be some horse trading between parties. Whatever happens, if your parties candidate is pulled you need to vote against the Tories and the Brexit Party.

2 - Everyone opposed to the Tories needs to stop fighting each other and target the Tories and the Brexit Party.  Now is not the time for yellow on red, or red on green. It is time to put the grown up pants on and coalesce to fight the fundamental shift to the right that has taken over our countries politics.

3 - Everyone needs to get out and vote and if the parties don’t come together you need to vote for whoever can beat the Tories in your seat.  Any other vote makes it easier for the Tories to cling to power and push through their hard Thatcherite ideology that, post-brexit, will sacrifice jobs, protections and standards to a deregulated economy.

There are 3 days left.  Just 3 days until nominations close.  

To the opposition parties I say “Get your collective acts together. Please, or we surrender this country to a Thatcherite far right.”  To everyone else I will just say Get The Tories Out.