Now that he’s made it through to the final two he’s one step closer to his ultimate goal, we should take a closer look at this particular charlatan.  Especially as he cowardly hid away from scrutiny during the early phases of the leadership contest where rumours his team was leaning heavily on MP's to persisted to the last round.

“It’s just Boris being Boris!”

How many times have we heard that as an excuse to move past a transgression that he hasn’t apologised for but wants people to stop talking about.  The thing to always, always remember is that Boris isn’t Boris.  Not in private, in private, to his friends and family, he’s Alex.

"Boris" is a masquerade, his equity name, a character.  The lovable bumbling rouge with ruffled hair, crumpled suit and wonky tie, played on the political stage by Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.  

He is undoubtedly an intelligent man, multi-lingual, an excellent wordsmith and orator, when he wants to be at least.  So why does he choose, at times, to appear not to be? Why does he gas-light the public in this way? What does he gain from his public performance?  

It comes down to how it affects his credibility, not at the broad public level but at the core base of the Conservative Party membership.  The perception he has fostered allows him to get away with doing and saying things without his popularity, with the people who matter most to his political rise, taking too much of a hit in the long term.  It’ll almost always be a conscious calculation for him. It’s very rare that he is actually caught wrong footed by a stray question.

He clearly desperately wants to be PM so, for him, he needs to become leader of the Conservatives, as it is the members of the Conservative Party who usually select the leader and the PM when they hold the majority in parliament.

He was enthusiastically pro EU before the referendum was announced but decided not just to back leave but to lead the campaign, not in expectation of winning, or even because he thought the cause was right but because he thought that it was where the Conservative members were and he knew Cameron wouldn’t last out the full term following the referendum and he wanted to be well positioned with the membership.

Ultimately he’s was thwarted, though, as his MP colleagues declined the privilege of putting him forward to the membership as a candidate following the referendum.  David Cameron’s resignation came too soon after June 23rd for Mr Johnson to have patched up enough of the internal relationships that the divisive Vote Leave campaign mangled, which meant he had little chance of passing the first stage (where MP’s narrow down candidates) to be proposed to the membership.  In the end, it was Gove pulling out support out and plunging in a knife that stopped him.

After that we were left with the crowning of Theresa and he had to settle for a position in Theresa May’s cabinet, where as Foreign Secretary, still bitter from his rightful rise being halted, he sniped away from the sidelines whilst doing a poor job, hoping to be able to take offence and build support from being reshuffled out before ultimately losing patience and stage managing his resignation for the maximum Boris publicity.

You can see it in how he posed for photographers signing his resignation letter.  He could have resigned at Checkers at the weekend when all of the cabinet were brought together to agree the position, instead he waited for the next day so he could arrange a press photographer to come in and take a lot of photos of him signing the letter.  Pure “Brand Boris” thinking. Not what was best for the country, or the party. Only what is best for Boris.

Since leaving the office of Foreign Secretary he’s had quite spells and then popped up and deliberately caused controversy from his Telegraph column.  He’s been informally backed by Trump on his state visit and there have been rumours of an election pact on the cards with Farage and the Brexit Party.

And that brings us up to date, through to the last 2 with the support of 150+ Conservative MP’s and apparently the favourite amongst party members.

Remember back to the last conservative leadership when Leadsom had to pull out after saying she’d be better because she was a mother.  Just look at the multitude of things that Mr Johnson has done that are so much worse than that, any one of these should show him to be unfit for the highest office of the land.

Some of Mr Johnson’s political calamities:

  • £53 million spent on the Garden Bridge over the Thames that never blossomed.
  • He compared the former French president, François Hollande, to an officer in a World War II prisoner of war camp.
  • He callously joked that business was prevented from investing in Libya by all of the dead bodies on the beach.
  • He promised to lie down in front of bulldozers to prevent a third runway at Heathrow, but then was absent for the key vote that could have prevented it.  A vote that was always going to pass but that he didn't want to be seen to lose.
  • Replied “Fuck Business” to EU diplomats when commercial concerns were raised over a hard Brexit.  A hard brexit position he now advocates.
  • Due to not reading his briefing papers, he mistakenly announced Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was training journalists in the region.  Leading to her further and continued detention in Iran.
  • Broke IPSO accuracy rules claiming in his Telegraph article that a no deal Brexit was more popular “by some margin” than either Mays deal or remaining.  The telegraph tried to argue that the article was “clearly comically polemical, and could not be reasonably read as a serious, empirical, in-depth analysis of hard factual matters”, so much like Johnson himself.
  • Wrote a homophobic Times article following Peter Mandlesons resignation, where he said that it would cause tank-topped bum boys to blub.

Some of the racist things he’s done:

  • He wrote that Muslim women wearing burka's looked like letter boxes.
  • He’s described black people as “Piccaninnies with watermelon smiles”
  • As Mayor of London he called Obama part Kenyan and a mongrel
  • He equated Papua New Guinea with "orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing"
  • On a visit to a Sikh temple he insulted his host by saying post Brexit we’d like to increase whiskey exports - not caring that alcohol is prohibited in the Sikh faith.
  • Whilst on a trip to Myanmar, our ambassador had to intervene and stop him whilst reading out a Kipling poem in the countries most sacred temple

Any single one of the above incidents should be enough to prevent him from being PM.  Many of them should have seen him suspended from the party.  All of them together, certainly should mean he doesn’t get 160+ MP’s voting for him.

So there we have it, the gloriously, spectacularly unfit for office Prime Minister Johnson.

Photo Credit - U.S. Government Work (license)